The goal of the game is to get to the end of the track as fast as possible. You do this by driving the car in the direction it starts in and following the flow of the course to the finish line. For Controls W is forward, A is left, D is right, and S is backwards. The car won't turn with A or D unless you are also pressing either W or S. On some tracks there are nitros. The nitros give you a speed boost in the direction the car is facing, so if you're driving backwards you'll be pushed in the opposite direction you're going. If for whatever reason the level glitches out or if you want to try a level again after a bad time you can press R to restart whatever track you're on. In the instructions scene you will need to type your name and when you are ready press space. This way your high scores can be stored to the cloud. Be sure to use a unique name because anyone can enter any name. On the racetracks you will need to cross the start line to start the timer. 

Quick Controls:

W - Forward

S - Backward

A - Left(Must also be pressing W or S)

D - Right(Must also be pressing W or S)

R - Restart

Drive Through Starting Line - Starts Timer for the Track

IMPORTANT NOTE:If you want to be on the leaderboard, you will need to enter your name in the start menu

Unique Controls Introductory Track:

Click on textbox with mouse - Allows you to type your name

Space - Start Game at Introductory Track

Music: Heroic Intrurison from


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